Softland India ltd, is an Indian based public limited company head Quartered in Trivandrum ,the capital city of Kerala state .With more than 20 year of legacy and excellence in DesigningDeveloping and manufacturing of Handheld portable Micro computers with in build printers & PC interface,we are also providing various software applications based on ANDROID,PHP,JAVA,.NET.

With over than 10000+ clientele world wide , Softland India has been accepted as a TOTALAUTOMATION SOLUTION COMPANY. We comprising of a young dynamic team of technocrats with vastexperience in bringing Innovative Solutions Beyond Imagination and specialized in providing ITsolutions to Embedded Systems, Microprocessor-Based Devices. We are having world wide installationbase and maintenance footage since 1995.

Our ambitious and well focused team towards 100% customersatisfaction has gained values and long term relationships with the clients, as well as we are providingthe best service for our clients all over the world. We work in niche areas where we are known for beingpioneers and for making a difference.

Expertise :

Softland India has gained its Expertise in its career with the wholehearted support and efficient work-of-holic young and aggressive members in the various department of TEAM SOFTLAND. With the 20 years of Innovative Engineering and Embedded Experience, Softland has been in the top in providing innovative and most accurate embedded field automation solutions to the customers across the globe. The various expertise field of Softland is as follows.


  • Micro-Controller Based Design and Development. a. 8 Bit Micro-Controllers b. 16 Bit Micro-Controllers c. 32 Bit ARM 7 Micro-Controllers
  • GPRS Incorporation in Handheld Solutions
  • RF - Wireless Innovation for Wireless Data Transfer Applications
  • Bluetooth for Wireless Data Transfer Applications
  • Intelligent Portable Printer Design with Processing Power and Data Storage
  • In Time Innovative Field Automation Solutions
  • Mobile Phone + Intelligent Printer Application Programming.
  • PDA Development
  • SDK for ARM Controllers
  • Understanding Exact Customer Requirements.
  • Timely Customer Support
  • Provide Accurate and Cost Conscious Solutions.


G.KESAVA IYER - CO-FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN : Mr.Kesava Iyer hails from an Engineering Background with immense experience. He is a Retired Superintending Engineer from Kerala Government Organisation. His exorbitant 33 Years of Government Service with excellent Networking Contacts has enabled the Company to thrive well in the Government and PrivateSegments across the country. He is also a Member of Public Health Engineers Association

MURALY GOPALA IYER - FOUNDER & MANAGING DIRECTOR : Mr.Muraly is a Post Graduate in Computers. He also has his Diploma in Electronics along with his 22 Years of Field experience and knowledge in handling embedded and Field Automation Projects. He heads the Company and also the R&D and Software Department falls under his direct special attentions. He has acquired his expertise with his career in working at TRANSMATIC SYSTEMS Ltd. He has handled successfully the most prestigious and innovative projects. He is a member of Chamber Of Commerce, Kerala. His Concepts, Ideas has been a key factor in the growth of Softland.

K.VINOD - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR : Mr.Vinod is an Engineer, young and aggressive. He has been with the company for the last 10 Years and has gained his experience from his Career in Softland in various positions. With his skills and gained experience in the growth of the Company and evolution of the various product ranges of Softland, he is able to suggest the best solutions for the Customers. He takes care of the Global Operations of Softland. Import of Raw materials from various Parts of the World, and Footprint of Softland Products in SRILANKA, FIJI, MANGOLIA, UNITED KINGDOM, GHANA etc are his achievements

S.NATARAJAN - DIRECTOR : Mr.Natarajan is a Post-Graduate in Finance. With his enormous achievements in his Career he is a Master in various Fields. He has been in the company since incorporation. With his 25 years of Experience he is able to be a guide the company with the best of the directions that has enhanced the results over the 17 years growth pattern of Softland. He has good network of contacts and that has helped Softland for the faster achievement of Orders and also the chances for providing Innovative Solutions all along the last 17 years.

Milestones :

  • Company incorporated with ROC Kerala in the year 1995.
  • Launched Page IT - the first ever auto paging messaging terminal for Pager industry.
  • Successfully completed projects for automation of Telegram handling for DOT in Kerala by indigenously designed, developed and manufactured products.
  • GramIT-TR is an integrated computation and communication terminal which can be installed at Post Office, Telecom Centers and Cash Counters. GramIT-TR is ideal equipment
  • for applications like Telephone Bill & Demand Note Collection in offline mode, Transmission and Reception of Telegram, Fax, Telex Booking etc.
  • Successfully completed project for offline Telephone revenue collection for BSNL using GramIT-TRB - an indigenously designed, development and manufactured product.
  • GramIT-TRB is an integrated terminal for telephone revenue collection, booking and telegram communication with the options of connecting Barcode, MICR & Card Readers.
  • GramIT-TRB is having an in-built communication card for communicating the collection details to thereporting centre.
  • Successfully implemented offline Telephone Revenue Collection System for BSNL in Kerala, TamilNadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh,
  • Haryana and Shillong within a short span of 3 years.
  • Over 4000 BSNL and Post Office counters were connected by our offline Telephone Revenue Collection System.
  • Our entire system - GramIT-TRB has handled millions of telephone Revenue daily at maximum-security level.
  • Successfully launched the indigenously designed, developed and manufactured Handheld Computer - Palmtec for various portable applications like Electronic Ticketing, Spot Billing,
  • Logistic Management, Mobile Payment Collection etc.
  • Successfully launched Cell One TRB, an integrated terminal for telephone revenue collection, booking and Cell One Payment Connection with the options of connecting Barcode, MICR & Card Readers.
  • Cell One TRB also has an in-built communication card for communicating the collection details to the reporting
  • Successfully launched the stand-alone small footprint Printer, PRINTMARVEL with in built Rechargeable battery and Serial interface.
  • Successfully launched the Palmtec RF model and Palmtec GPRS models.
  • Launched Versions of Palmtec with ARM Series Micro Controllers named Palmtec Amphibia and Plutonia.
  • Subsequent to the launch of Palmtec Amphibia, repeat orders from Existing Customers received. KSRTC was a major break through.
  • Launched Palmtec Models with ARM Series Micro Controllers with GPRS Features.(Palmtec Amphibia, Palmtec Plutonia, Palmtec C3r)
  • Launched the most Cost Conscious Handheld Computer Palmtec C3r with Billing Machine Software for Sales, Billing, Inventory Management in the Shops, Hotels Etc.
  • Launched the iPrintMarvel Series, an intelligent Printer with Processing Capabilities, Data Storage and with Bluetooth Interface for various Portable Mobile Automation Solutions.


The Most Enhanced Vision of Softland is TEAM WORK . This is benefited and blessed with the full co-operation of the SOFTLAND FAMILY. This has helped us to grow beyond limits and provide Solution and Innovations Beyond Imaginations.

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  • Best Product Awards for IT Kerala 2002
  • Best Product Awards for IT Kerala 2006.
  • Best Product Awards for Maha Tech Pune.

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With the enormous Field Expertise and Effective Solutions provided by us over the last 20 years of our Life and Career, along with the TEAM WORK by our dedicated SOFTLAND Family Members, we are able to provide the most innovative solutions much beyond the expectation of the customers. This has provided an enhanced light on the Softland product Range to be different from that of others.

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Softland is blessed with a team of dedicated young and aggressive staff team. The motto - "TEAM SOFTLAND" is followed in all sense across the various Departments and Cadres of the Company. This dedication, wonder ideas, concept realisation techniques and prompt timely actions has been the key factor in the raising success pattern of Softland.

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  • Service Engineer
  • Marketing Executives/Freelance Marketing Executives
  • PHP Developer
  • .Net Developer

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Life Cycle

A WALK THROUGH THE LIFE CYCLE We had started our company as a public limited company in the year 1995. We were the first company in INDIA to come out with an Auto Paging Machines equipment called PAGE- IT for sending messages to a Pager through a telephone line by keying in the data and further without any human intervention. This product was the first of its kind and was widely accepted by the mobile operators like BPL, Mobi Link, Easy Call, and Hutch.

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The various facilities of the companies include the High Power Integrated Development and Software Management system, an intelligent property of the company that makes it easier and faster for our software team for the development of the firmware modules for the product ranges.

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