Apartment Management System


Apartment Management System(APMS)

APARTMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a complete solution in web based application. One of the major tasks of managing apartment is ensuring smooth transactions with large number of tenants/owners that occupy these apartments. APMS is a 'Housing Society Accounting Software' with complete solution for rental bill generation, tracking expenses and income, tracking upkeep and repair, staff administration, complaint management, housekeeping service, baby sitting services, parking, visitors information handling, forum facility, selling and buying of apartments, reporting services, online payment service etc.

Master DataCreate project, blocks and apartmentsCreate Project, Blocks, Floors & Apartments
Machine ManagementAll under admin controlAdd Users , Add Service(Utilities) tariff
Stock ManagementPrivate and public complaint registrationAdd Amenities , Add Palmtec Machine details
User ManagementQuick registrationSetup Association
Settings Advance booking of amenitiesMembers
Reports Member directoryInstall Android app to users
Customer ManagementBill generation & collectionDay to day services
Data upload & download from palmtecPayment historyCommittee message
Data upload & download from palmtecMessages, events & notices
Data upload & download from palmtecService contacts
Data upload & download from palmtecEasy and fast operation
Data upload & download from palmtecN-tier client/server-based application
Data upload & download from palmtecFull range of built-in reports using industry-standard report generator (Crystal Reports)
Data upload & download from palmtecFull administration & moderating options
Data upload & download from palmtecFlash chart dashboard statistics
Data upload & download from palmtecUpdates over mobile and email
Data upload & download from palmtecIssues and complaint tracking